Attendance & Punctuality

At Elworth CE School we strongly encourage good attendance and punctuality. The school gates are unlocked at 8.30am to ensure children have sufficient time to line up in the correct place on the playground at 8.40am when the bell goes. 

Gates are closed at 8.50am and registration starts promptly at 8.55am.

If your child is not in their classroom at 8.50am, when registration closes, they will receive a late mark. 

Lessons start at 8.55am promptly each morning, it is vital you teach your child from an early age the importance of punctuality and attendance.

You must contact school before 8.50am to explain why your child is absent. If no contact is made, school will text or phone you on the first day they are off school to find out why they are absent.

The school office should be notified in advance of any upcoming medical appointments.  This should be done by email to so that we can mark your child down as Medical on the register.  Failure to do so will result in an unauthorised absence mark.

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