Meet our Staff

Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mr N. Garratt
Assistant Headteacher/ SENCo - Mrs S. Buckley
Assistant Headteacher - Miss L. Sandham
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Phase Leader- Mrs M. Astley (Acting - Mrs S. Buckley)

Teachers - Miss E. Hegarty & Mrs C. Oakes/ Mrs C. Day
Support team -  Mrs C. Marrow, Mrs M. Gunner, Mrs E. Noden, Mrs D. Wilmot, Mrs J. Greening and Mrs M. Holloway

Year 1 and Year 2

Phase Leader - Mrs J. Rookes 
Teachers - Mrs J. Rookes, Mrs J. Storer, Mr S. Heaton and Mrs H. Harper
Support team - Miss C. Hodgkinson, Mr C. Street, Mrs J. Attwood, Mrs C. Marrow, Mrs T. Hodgkinson, Mr S. Lockett and Miss C. Keeble
Year 3 and Year 4

Phase Leaders - Mrs S Cunniffe and Mrs R. Garratt
Teachers - Mrs S. Cunniffe/ Mrs R. Garratt, Mr T. Parr, Mrs M. Morgan and Miss H. Waller
Support team - Miss B. Houghton, Mr T. Darby, Mrs L. Atkinson, Miss J. Croft, Miss S. Wishart, Miss M. Liberti, Mrs M. Game and Miss M. Hughes


Year 5 and 6 

Phase Leader - Miss L. Sandham
Teachers - Miss L. Sandham, Mr S. Rogers and Mrs L. Wadsworth
Support Team - Mrs C. Buckley (HLTA), Mrs A. Steele, Mrs D. Carroll and Miss S. Griffin


Additional Support Staff

Learning Mentor - Mrs S. Roberts 

School Chaplain - Mrs C. Houghton

Cover Teacher - Mr P. Parry


PE Teachers 

PE Lead - Mr T. Darby

PE Teachers - Miss M. Hughes and Miss C. Keeble


Admin Team
Business Manager - Mrs S. Bennett
Admin Officers - Mrs N. Dunning and  Mrs K. Williams
Site Team
Site Manager - Mr C. Holland 
Midday Team
Catering Team (Mellors)-  Mrs E. Dean, Mrs G. Hyland 
Midday Supervisor - Mrs D. Cooper
Midday Assistants -  Mrs R. Page, Mrs M. Johnson, Miss C. Booth, Mrs L. Musgrave

Early Birds and Night Owls 

Manager - Mrs C. Marrow

Supervisors - Mrs C. Roughly and Mrs L. Rawlinson

Playworkers - Mrs J. Elsby, Miss M. Liberti, Mrs R. Page, Mrs D. Cooper, Mrs M. Johnson and Mrs W. Spreadbury