Here at Elworth, we take our children on a chronological journey through the ages. We base our history curriculum on the core knowledge programme; embedding historical knowledge and developing key skills such as enquiry, evaluation, questioning and chronology. 

History is a hands on and enquiry based subject. We provide experiential learning which engages the children and secures those key facts; this includes exciting trips such as becoming a Roman soldier in the ancient town of Chester, or escaping from Egyptian treasure tombs. We ensure our topics enthuse and intrigue our children at the right age and stage.  Extended writing opportunities are provided throughout all history based topics, which are then used to enrich and strengthen the children's understanding of their current era of study.

At Elworth, we introduce our topics with a Topic Week.  These special weeks immerse the children in the historical period they will be studying and are full of activities and experiences to get our learning off to a brilliant beginning!  In EYFS, they explore history in living memory through toys, games and visitors.  In KS1, they start to understand chronology and historical eras a little more through the study of Our Local Area, Famous Explorers, Toys from the Past and the Great Fire of London.  In Lower KS2, their topics go all the way back to the Stone Age and then move forward in time to explore the Ancient Civilisations such as the Egyptians and the Greeks, before learning about the Roman Empire and how it changed Britain.  In Upper KS2, they study fascinating civilisations such as the Mayans as well as investigating a little closer to home with the Anglo Saxons or wars since 1066.

History at Elworth drives our topics and provides many varied and rich opportunities for developing learning skills and growing our pupil's knowledge of the world.  It extends also to outdoor learning opportunities where our Forest School practitioner takes elements of historical periods and creates hands on learning opportunities such as cooking, making tools or natural representations of buildings and parts of stories which are linked to their learning.  

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