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Here at Elworth, geography aims to inspire a curiosity and fascination for the diversity of people, places, resources and environments of the world God has created. We believe geography should equip pupils with knowledge about the world and skills to explore its human and physical features, so that they may become custodians of its future, as well as encouraging a passion for sustainability through an understanding of how our world provides for us in different areas of our lives, but that these resources are limited.

Across Key Stages, pupils will become geography detectives, investigating other countries , continents and cultures through enquiry based lessons and research opportunities. All year groups also explore their local area through fieldwork and maps, gaining a deeper understanding of their place in the world. All our learning opportunities are based in meaninful links with our history curriculum, to encouage an understanding of how history has impacted on the geography of today.

We love to hear of how pupils have been engaging in geography and the wider world. Through the year, there will be opportunities for pupils to participate in challenges such as Switch Off Fortnight, Fair Trade Fortnight, photo challenges about our local area and opportunities to learn about other countries. 

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Our Eco Warriors and Sustainability Superheroes will be working this year to help all pupils work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This will help us to work towards being a more globally aware school, with a focus on how we will look after our planet and the people, animals and plants that live here. 

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