The PTA is a fantastic group of parent volunteers who meet regularly to plan fundraising events to support the school.  All Parents and Carers are PTA members.  Our newsletters will inform you of key dates of events and we have a facebook page to keep lines of communication going too.

How we support the learning at Elworth CE

Virtual reality headsets at a cost of £5,000

30 i-pads have been purchased to aid learning at school, at a cost of £10,000 from PTA funds. There’s no doubt the children  enjoy the benefits of this purchase.

The PTA has been able to give £1,000 to the school to buy more reading books for all ages and plans on giving more each year.

Microphones and a PA system for the hall.

Gymnastic equipment.


New Volunteers

We're really pleased to see some new parents coming along to our meetings this year, which is fantastic, as all help is very gratefully received. We always need volunteers simply to help out at events, not necessarily attend meetings or anything too heavy, so if you do want to help us please get in touch.

Remember, as parents or carers of children at the school we are all automatically part of the PTA - there is no 'joining' or 'membership' involved.  So please, please let us know if you are able to volunteer - whatever help you can give us will make all the difference to this and other events.

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